SAVE up to 80% on your home lighting costs

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Cut your power bills immediately

Reduce your Lighting Costs and the hassle of Halogen downlights in your home.

Let Green Home Green Planet(GHGP) replace your halogens with energy efficient LED globes with a subsidy from the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme of South Australia(you are already paying for this on levy on your electricity bill so why not take advantage of it and reduce your energy costs).

For a one off cost of $5 per globe an A Grade licensed electrician will supply and install new energy efficient globes!

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  • • Are expensive and power hungry
  • • Have a short lifespan and are annoying to replace
  • • Generate upto 370 degrees Celsius.*(Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW government website 2015.)

  • • Reduce power consumption by over 80%
  • • Product lifespan of over 30,000 hours
  • • 2 year product warranty
  • • Provides excellent light quality of over 500 lumens
  • • GHGP LED downlights will be installed by an A
  • • Grade licenced electrician from your local area.
Green Home Green Planet is a provider in the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) in South Australia. GHGP has installed energy efficient products in over 750,000 homes and businesses in VIC, SA and ACT since 2009, and has developed a reputation for quality , service and results.
We align ourselves with quality brands, and have the best energy saving LED globes to reduce your Lighting Costs immediately. Please note there may be some instances where our Globes cannot be installed. Our globes provide excellent warm lighting, suitable for both living areas and bedrooms Please note our Globes are not suitable for lighting on dimmer circuits .However we have a dimmable globe available at a cost of $20 per globe.
Our A Grade Electrician will visit your home and carry out a pre installation safety inspection. We then confirm that our LED downlights are compatible with your existing Electrical Transformers, and gain your consent to carry out the Installation of new LED downlights. We carry out the Installation, and replace your Halogen downlights with new LED downlights. We are required to take the old Halogen downlights away (one for one exchange program) with us so that they can be decommissioned safely. We require payment of the $5 per globe at the time of installation via credit card or cash.
  • 2 years product warranty.
Please be aware this Warranty applies to the Globe only.
Lucy’s home has 15
Her average monthly
lighting costs are currently $27
with halogen downlights
But with the installation
of LED lighting that average
monthly amount would be reduced to
Saving her annual lighting
costs by $283 per annum
Lucy’s payback on her
investment is
approximately 3.2 months
customer payback
Terms and conditions

• Minimum 10 globes
• Not compatible on Dimmer circuits
• Pricing is dependent on the customer assigning the right to create REES for the installation of LED lighting to the installer. Prices are correct at the time of print and are subject to change.
• Replacement fittings are available at $3 per fitting if required.
• The offer is provided as part of the South Australian Government REES Scheme and is only available to eligible households in accordance with the REES scheme.
• Not available in all areas, please contact us for further information on availability in your area.
• Offer is only available as long as the REES Scheme operates, unless withdrawn earlier.
• For more information about the REES Scheme please go to

• Case Study is an example only and uses the following generic assumptions, which may not be applicable to your circumstances and actual results may differ. Existing lighting are 50w halogen globes replaced with a 7W LED globe, 4 hours per day usage and electricity usage charges of 0 .30 per kWh
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