Measurement and Verification

Measurement and Verification is the most powerful set of tools to apply to your organisation’s energy savings projects. GHGP have internally trained and accredited resources to manage energy savings programs to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol.

GHGP follows an M&V approach considered best practice implementation, risk allocation and cost effectiveness. Our site assessors conduct a full audit of equipment and equipment performance, while also gaining an in depth understanding of operating hours, energy wastage and impacts on tariff optimisation and demand charges.

Other areas of potential savings may be found in water efficiency, pump/motor drives, weather sealing and building envelope issues, HVAC, Lighting, boiler efficiency etc.

Solution sets can include improvements to some or all of these items and furthermore implementations of Solar Generation and Batteries, Power factor correction and many more.

The key to GHGP’s process is to obtain clear data through sub-metering followed by detailed analysis resulting in focussed and ring fenced cost saving projects. These projects are carefully monitored post installation in order to confirm success and enable the client to capture up to ten years of energy certificates and associated grants.

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