GHGP's code of conduct:

All employees and contractors of GHGP are bound by our code of conduct as well as  VEU’s code of conduct (VIC) and the minimum requirements of conduct under iPart (NSW) for relevant activities.

Uphold consumer rights and ensure compliance with legislation. Staff and contractors to adhere to Australian Consumer Law.

Ensure all refunds, repairs and replacements are handled in a timely manner.  

GHGP is to ensure relevant training is provided, and employees and contractors are to ensure training is undertaken as part of their responsibilities. GHGP to ensure training is up to date, and meets relevant requirements under IPART (NSW) or VEU (VIC) guidelines.

Decommissioning of old products to be handled by GHGP or their contractors.

All staff and contractors to clearly identify themselves as representatives of GHGP, as part of their communication with customers, including displaying their identification badge.

Ensure customers are educated on the products their receiving, their consumer rights, our responsibilities and provided any relevant fact sheets. This is to ensure customers are able to make informed choices about their options and entitlements.

GHGP to retain all records of interaction with scheme participants and consumers, which we do through our CRM.

All sales members and relevant staff/contractors to protect customers from dishonest or deceitful marketing conduct and disclose accurate information to customers. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure customers have the capacity to make decisions.

Complaints handling process:

Step 1. Submit a complaint.
Complaints regarding any prescribed activity, product or service that GHGP has undertaken is required to be responded to promptly. This includes warranty issues. Ensure the complaint has:

  1. Your name, contact details, and address. And a Job or Quote ID if available.
  2. Clear outline of the nature of your concerns or complaint
  3. Any relevant documentation including photos of the issue you’d like resolved

All complaints to be directed to the following:

Step 2. Acknowledgement and investigation of Complaint
Within 5 business days you will receive a response from GHGP, as well as the contact details of the staff member handling your complaint. The person managing the complaint will request further information if required and offer advice and where relevant solutions to the issues raised.

Step 3. Resolution
We take all reasonable steps to ensure resolution within 20 business days of receipt of complaint. We request that you respond in a timely manner if you are happy with our resolution, and we will close your case but keep it on file.

Step 4. Escalation
If you’re unhappy with the handling of your complaint you may request an internal escalation to the operations or state manager. Please request this in writing. If you’re still unhappy with the handling of your complaint, you have the right to escalate your complaint to an external dispute resolution body, such as the relevant state body, or consumer affairs agency. We will, of course, cooperate with any of their investigations.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commision

Consumer Affairs Victoria website

Fair Trading New South Wales Website

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