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Get a brand new split system air-conditioner installed
with a huge rebate thanks to limited government grants.

Upgrading your heating system can be the most effective way to cut your energy bill. Upgrading to an electric reverse cycle split system is the most energy efficient, lowest cost heating option available that generates the lowest greenhouse emissions.

If you have both gas heating and a reverse cycle air conditioner, simply opting to use the air conditioner instead of your gas option will result in immediate savings with no capital investment.

Gas Space Heating Relative Efficiency
Vs Split System Air-Conditioning

6.4 X More Efficiently

than a ducted gas burner system

Annual Energy Cost of Common Central Heating

Split system rebate graph

The figures in the table above are approximate costs per year. They’re based on an average existing pre-2005 house in a Melbourne climate, heating to 20°C. The calculations are based on an electricity tariff of 22.8c/kWh (peak) and 16.54/kWh (off-peak). Natural gas tariffs are based on the standing offer of a major gas retailer using a typical “declining block” structure for a house with gas heating, water heating and cooking, which means more gas that is used during each billing period. 

Cutting-Edge tech ICON


Designed to maximise cooling performance while minimising energy consumption, our sutting-edge Air Conditioners are a game-changer when it comes to home cooling

Sleek Design ICON


With an aesthetic that
seamlessly blends into any environment, these Air Conditioners add a touch of sophistication to your living

Quiet Operation ICON


These units offer a super silent operating noise as low as 19dB, ensuring that you enjoy
the perfect indoor climate without any disruptive
background noise

Self cleaning ICON


Enjoy peace of mind knowing
that your well-being and
comfort are covered by our
smart self-cleaning air

We are certified installation & repair
experts of all hot water brands

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Recommended Products

Emerald Split-System Air Conditioners

Emerald split system

The Emerald Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner offers both heating and cooling capabilities and is equipped with 360° full DC inverter technology, an internal air duct and a cutting-edge louver fin.


Avanti Plus® Series

With an award winning design and industry leading energy rating, the Avanti PLUS is efficient as it is stylish.

Considered our platinum series, the Avanti PLUS is one of the quietest split system on the market and incorporates an energy saving motion sensor, improved automatic mode for even more precise temperature control. It also incorporates our ‘Clean Air Technology’ which captures and neutralises fine smoke particles, allergens, odours bacteria and viruses.

Rinnai T Series

For comfortable, energy efficient homes all year round.

With market leading efficiency, long distance airflow and built in Wi-Fi and Voice control Rinnai T Series Inverter Split System powerfully delivers heating and cooling all year round – no matter where you call home. Offering class-leading efficiencies and utilising an eco-friendlier R32 refrigent, the Rinnai T Series has a lower carbon footprint and reduced running costs

Air Conditioning for Every Room

With options available to suit small cozy rooms through to large living
areas, choose a model that suits your space

Standard Installation

A standard installation includes 5M of pipe and 15M of cable in a back to back configuration. If the units need to be placed further away from each other the installation will require more resources and time and will increase the cost.

For a full breakdown of additional costs, please check the table below

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