Hydronic heating systems heat water and once the water reaches the desired temperature, it passes through pipes laid beneath the home’s floors and the heat radiate upwards into the rooms above. This will provide you with a more comfortable way to stay warm in the cooler months by radiating the heat throughout your home rather than blowing hot air around. Some of these systems are ready to connect with your current solar PV and energy management systems, which means you can run them directly from the sun.

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Geothermal Hydronic
Heating Heat Pumps

Comfort moves into your home with the WPE-I H Premium inverter geothermal heat pumps. This device uses the heat from the ground for heating and hot water operation. The year-round constant heat output with high flow temperatures offers maximum living comfort regardless of the season.


Air Source Hydronic
Heat Pump

The WPL 17 ACS classic air source heat pump for hydronic heating is ideal for high-performing houses with a small heating load. Hydronic heat pumps extract energy from the outdoor air and utilise it to cost-effectively heat your home. STIEBEL’s advanced inverter technology delivers all year round exceptional efficiency. Engineered for outdoor installation, the footprint of the WPL 17 ACS classic is small, meaning it can be used where space comes at a premium. The encapsulated refrigerant circuit, as well as the acoustically isolated compressor, guaranteed quiet operation. In addition, the sound of the heat pump can further reduced by enabling the integrated silent mode function.


Air Source Hydronic
Heat Pump

Enjoy comfortable warmth in your home during the chilly winter months thanks to the WPL 25 AC(S) range of air source hydronic heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON. Heating your home with energy harvested from the air, hydronic heating is a cost-effective way to keep your home warm and cosy. Designed for outdoor installation in Australian conditions, the WPL 25 AC and WPL 25 ACS systems is perfect start for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies in your home. As nearly 40% of energy consumed in Australian homes is used for heating and cooling, it makes perfect sense to install an energy-efficient appliance and reduce the ongoing cost of your heating system tremendously.


Air Source Hydronic
Heat Pump

The WPL-A Premium air source heat pump is not only suitable for heating and hot water but also provides cooling in the summer months. Since the inverter unit achieves high flow temperatures even at very low outside temperatures of down to -25°C, it is equally suitable for use in new build and renovation projects. The WPL-A HK Premium contains a futureproof refrigerant. In combination with its high efficiency, the heat pump scores highly as an environmentally heating technology.

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