Commercial Solar

The energy solution that pays for itself
Act now to secure the best government rebates

There has never been a better time to invest in solar for your business. Generous government rebates are on offer but these reduce over time.
On average, most of our solar systems pay for themselves within 3 years. Save on electricity bills and make your business Green.

Commercial Solar

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Energy Audit

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Our commercial auditing team have experience working with schools, offices, warehouse, retail stores and industrial compounds.
Our audits typically focus on lighting, HVAC, building envelope, refrigeration and water to identify cost-efficient solutions.
For larger Solar PV installations in Victoria, in particular over 100kW, where most of the solar energy produced will be self-consumed, the system may be eligible for VEECs which might be more lucrative than Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and can potentially be created upfront for ten years

Some of Our Recent Commercial Solar Projects

Ringwood Aged Care Solar Install

Green Home Green Planet worked with partner Zeco Energy to deliver this 200kW system at a Ringwood Aged Care Centre.

Key details:

St Bedes College, Mentone

Key details:

Swinburne University, Hawthorn

The system uses predictive AI technology to estimate the future energy load of the building and takes inputs from the integrated solar, battery and HVAC system to decide whether to share energy behind the meter between buildings, store energy in the battery, use the solar system to run the HVAC system or draw energy from the grid.

Key details:

How Can Your Business Benefit From Solar?

  • Running Costs

    Businesses can redirect saved cash directly back into their operations by reducing energy costs and decreasing their reliance on the energy grid.

  • Tax Incentives

    Businesses across Australia that install a solar system will receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to help with the purchase cost, namely in the form of STCs – Small Scale Technology Certificates. However, these STCS reduce in value each year by roughly 8%.

  • Increased Energy Security

    By taking control of your business' energy production and efficiency you can significantly reduce your susceptibility to energy price fluctuations and costly black outs.

  • Feed In Tariffs (FIT)

    If you don’t use all of the solar energy produced by the system during the day, the excess will be sold back to the grid and you receive a FIT. FIT rates vary from state to state and in Victoria you get around 7.6c per kWh.

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