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Residential Solar

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Residential Solar Made Easy

  • Government Incentives

    Green Home Green Planet ensures the industry leading solar deals by integrating the latest government incentives designed to save you and your family money on energy bills

  • In-House Bespoke Design

    We pride ourselves in having a world class in-house design team that have worked on and designed hundreds of varying complexity projects across the country

  • Streamlined Process

    We've got the experience to ensure your project runs smoothly and on your terms. Building lasting relationships is a top priority

Our Simple Process

1. Get in Touch

The first step is often the hardest, but our professional team can help you determine how you can start saving as quickly as possible.

2. Design

Once you’ve determined your budget and desired output, we get to work with our in-house design team to get you easy-to-read designs.

3. Installation

We send our team of experienced CEC certified installers to begin the quick installation process, typically one day for residential.

4. Metering

Once the system is up and running, our project team will take care of all the paperwork to get your subsidies and system approved.

5. Maintainance

Our task force will be at your disposal for the remainder of your systems life. Maintenance or upgrades, we’ve got you covered

Increase Profits With

Commercial Solar

Contact us for a free consultation with our specialists: 1300-962-218

We Utilise Proven Industry Leading Technology That Ensures Clients Are Receiving The Most Efficient Technology Available

Panel and Inverter

Green Home Green Planet has been operating across Australia since 2009 and has successfully helped over 700,000 homes and businesses reduce their spending on energy bills and do their part in preserving our planet.

CEC Certified and Trusted

Australian Owned and Operated

Customer Satisfaction Comes First

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