A heat pump reduces the strain on the environment and to your household, reducing energy consumption and significantly lowering the cost of your energy bill. These systems are 60-70% more efficient than a standard electric or gas hot water system. This is because they do not generate heat directly, but instead uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. If you are also looking to make the most of your solar electricity, heat pump hot water systems help you utilise your solar electricity using it on site rather than exporting it to the grid. 

A range of brands are on offer and you can read about them here.  

Stiebel Eltron

Hot Water Heat Pump

STIEBEL ELTRON’s latest range of hot water heat pumps, the WWK 222|222H and WWK 302|302H, set a new benchmark for heat pumps in the Australian market. Not only are they great looking but there are many new innovations incorporated in the sophisticated design. Features include a maintenance free current impressed anode, active defrost for operation down to minus 5°C, the option to connect the heat pumps with solar PV systems and the ability to transport them horizontally.

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Heat Pump & Smart Controller

Reclaim’s products stack up very well within many key aspects of performance when compared to other hot water systems.

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Hot Water Heater

The ENVIROHEAT energy efficient hot water heaters use heat pump technology, a leap forward in energy efficiency and is now available in Australia.

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Emerald Energy

Heat Pump

Emerald Energy’s hot water heat pumps provide energy-efficient hot water all year round. Unlike solar, there is no structural load on the roof. They can use the same plumbing and electrical connections as an electric water heater – making them an ideal upgrade from a standard electric water heater.

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