Momentum Energy Hardship Audits

The momentum energy hardship program is a program in which GHGP performs an online audit of businesses which are having trouble paying their energy bills. During this audit GHGP collects data on all the energy consuming equipment at these businesses, the general usage of the equipment and gains insights into how COVID 19 has effected them. 

Once this information is collected GHGP develops a DFS of the business and outlines various ways they can reduce their energy use for example by; upgrading to LED’s, reducing amount of refrigeration used, reducing or upgrading outdated HVAC and creating solar designs and quotes. The DFS also includes a list of ways to reduce energy at the home and a table of relevant government schemes that the customer may be able to take advantage of e.g. VEEC schemes for lighting or EECP grants when available. This report is then given to the customer who can take those insights to reduce their energy consumption and therefore their bills. 

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