Melton Council Solar Feasibility

Green Home Green Planet is working together with Melton City Council to provide pre-construction services for commercial solar systems on 10 buildings in Melton City.

As part of this project, GHGP is providing:

  • Feasibility studies and recommendations on system sizing and payback optimization
  • Electrical audits of switchboards and other electrical infrastructure at each site including proposing safe inverter station locations
  • Roof structure, access and safety audits and engineering reports on structural capacity
  • Drone surveys
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Detailed electrical design of solar systems including preferred panel layouts, monitoring and data points, cable runs, product specification, infrastructure upgrade requirements, electrical calculations and safety requirements
  • The construction tender package

GHGP is also working with Melton City Council to aggregate generation and demand across a multitude of council sites to minimize the effective energy export and provide maximal system value to the council, as well as proposing battery solutions as an alternative at sites with high overnight demand and low daytime demand.

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