Solar and Battery


GHGP is a clean energy council accredited solar energy retailer.

We work closely with our clients in offering a wide range of premium end to end solar services that are suitable for all any project scale. Our dedicated solar team have successfully inspected and/or installed over 30MW of solar systems across VIC, ACT, NSW and QLD.

Our key solar construction services are:

  • Installation of residential, commercial and utility scale solar systems
  • Installation of
  • System health checks
  • Maintenance


Our design team offers solar engineering services for small and large scale installations. Our engineers synthesize data from the inspection team with years of solar engineering experience to provide systems optimized for customer preference, whether that be cost, payback period or carbon abatement.

Our key engineering services are:

  • Turnkey solar design for residential, commercial and utility scale solar
  • Solar and battery system design
  • Finance and financial forecasting
  • Safe height access system design
  • Fall arrest system design
  • Building structural certification of solar systems


As a complimentary service to our engineering services, we offer inspections for prospective solar installs. Our inspection service gives your (or our) engineering team the site perspective they need to build cost efficient solar systems, including:

  • Identifying required electrical upgrades prior to beginning construction
  • Planning around poor quality roofs or building structures
  • Optimizing size and layout to reduce infrastructure upgrades
  • Minimizing unknown site parameter risk for installers
  • Minimizing tender risk

Our key feasibility inspections services include:

  • Point of Common Coupling and Point of Connection with distributor
  • Consumer and Service mains cabling parameters
  • MSB/DB breakers, spare pole quality, energy meter placement, cabling parameters
  • Inverter stations and data point connections
  • Intermediary DBs
  • Existing solar systems
  • Structural inspections
  • Drone footage
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